farmed organically

Grown locally

Freshly Harvested

Simple Riches is a small scale Organic market garden located outside of Markdale, Ontario in Grey County.

Simple Riches

How We Grow

Simple Riches is a 2-acre market garden outside of Markdale Ontario. We grow over 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. We sell our produce through Leslieville farmers market in Toronto and Collingwood farmers market. We also do a CSA program where members receive a basket of fresh vegetables on a biweekly basis.

While our practices continue to evolve these are the principles that guide the way we grow.


We grow with only organically approved products


We use Non GMO seeds

Soil Biology

We minimise our disturbances of the soil, leave the soil bare a little as possible and actively monitor the microorganisms in our soil.


We promote a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees to work and learn

Fair Wage

We make sure that the individuals that work with us are compensated well for their time and efforts.

Nutrient density

We aim to grow our vegetables in optimal soil conditions. We harvest early in the morning and bring our vegetables fresh to you. The results are produce with amazing flavour and full of nutrition. Find out more about who we are. (meet the farmers)

Organic Produce

JOIN OUR 2024 CSA Program:

We have been running our CSA program for three years now and we are looking to add some new faces to our membership for 2024! If you are looking for a bi-weekly basket filled with fresh organic produce, look no further.



The cost of the CSA is for the entire season. This can be paid by e-transfer, cash, cheque, or PayPal for credit card option. Our preference is E-transfer as it is the easiest for us, and we do not have to pay a fee, unlike credit.


Simple Riches

About our CSA

Our aim is to give Members lots of the favourites while mixing in a few lesser known vegetables that we have come to love but you might not find in the grocery store. Members get an email prior to each basket drop off with what vegetables they will be receiving as well as recipes and ideas for all the vegetables.

 How does Simple Riches CSA work?

Members pick up their baskets bi-weekly starting in June until October.
pickups are on the farm or at our pick-up location out front of Beach United Church in Toronto.
10-12 items per basket
10 total baskets.

 What does C.S.A stand for?

C.S.A stands for Community Supported Agriculture.
The community consists of members and the farmer.
The Support aspect largely comes from the customer prepaying at the start of the season for a set number of vegetable baskets throughout the growing season.
This gives the farmer financial stability early in the season to cover many of their costs.  In exchange for a commitment to the farmer, you receive a slightly discounted price relative to what the vegetables are sold for through other sales channels such as the farmer’s market.

What’s in a basket?

Every basket is a little different depending on the time of season.
you can expect greens, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, peppers, squash, onions, radish, zucchini.
We like to add in some lesser-known favourites of ours as well..


Happy Shoppers

“Impressed with the quality, variety and value”

We have been customers of the Simple Riches CSA for the past two years and we are constantly impressed with the quality, variety and value of the vegetable shares. We look forward to finding out what we will be receiving the days leading up to the pick-up and enjoy doing our meal planning ahead of receiving the boxes. The mix of familiar vegetables with a few uncommon ones is great and the option to purchase occasional add-ons is always a treat. Excited to be a part of the CSA again this coming season!



“fresh, local, grown without pesticides”

We are delighted to have access to such fresh and healthy vegetables from Alex and Amanda and Simple Riches.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have an assortment of fresh vegetables and greens this past summer and fall.  I can’t say enough about how impressed we are for the flavour and variety – fresh, local, grown without pesticides – and, bonus – lovely fresh and tasty greens in the middle of winter!  Visiting the farm gives us an appreciation for the hard work that goes into growing food and that the land is being cared for. We’re looking forward to the next season of delicious bounty.



Stay In Contact

We sell our vegetables through Farmers Markets and through our C.S.A( Community supported agriculture) vegetable basket.

Farmers Markets:

Collingwood Farmers market: Victoria day weekend to Thanksgiving.
Saturdays from 8-1pm

Leslieville Farmers market: May 14th- October 31st   
Sundays from   9-2pm  
Greenwood Park, Toronto 


(226) 568-1403